Some Thoughts...

Surrender...What does that look like? 

In my prayer journal, I have heard God say "surrender" and "die to yourself" several times. Over the past few years, I have had some very emotional connections with God where I thought I was surrendering, yet I see this theme over and over. So what am I missing here? 

When I ponder it, I realize I need to get a better understanding as to what it means to surrender completely. I do not really know how to kill my old self permanently, without actually dying physically. That word surrender goes against my…

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Facebook Account, Deleted! 

Perhaps it was the 2017 election controversy that put the final nail in the coffin for me on Facebook. Most of my friends and family are of a liberal bias. I found myself getting very frustrated and even saying(posting) stupid things to counterpoint the stupid things I was reading. 

Yes, I was getting angry, and wasting time reading this junk. I started to actually not like people who were at one time very close to me. I realized that we would not have conversations like that in person, and probably…

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Sometimes I feel like I want to stand on a mountain top and speak to the world with words, not just in my songs. 

Perhaps think of this Blog as more of a stream of inner man revealed in the moment. Time and reflection may prove my shared thoughts to be invalid.

Therefore, I will forever afford myself the freedom to change my mind, evolve, and remain a teachable man who is fully aware that he has not yet arrived at his final destination of sanctification. gentle with me. :)